Seven States That Are Running Out of Water


“California’s Central Valley—prime agricultural land—is being hit the hardest by the state-wide drought which could cause catastrophic losses to crops and food supply.”

Seven states from the West Coast to the Midwest have been facing drought conditions that are causing them to run out of water. The state coming in at #1 is California, with 100% of the state in what is classified as ‘severe drought’. This is especially problematic given the wildfires that have been sweeping the southern part of the state, and the dry conditions are likely to fuel further fires. The drought levels are defined in the following ways:

1. Severe drought: characterized by crop loss, frequent water shortages, and mandatory water use restrictions

2. Extreme drought: characterized by major crop and pasture losses, as well as widespread water shortages

3. Exceptional drought: crop and pasture loss is widespread, and shortages of well and reservoir water can lead to water emergencies

California and Oklahoma contain areas that are considered to be in ‘exceptional drought,’ while all of the states have areas with ‘severe drought’. Here is a breakdown of the states that are running out of water, from worst to not-as-bad-but-still-bad:

1. California

2. Nevada

3. New Mexico

4. Kansas

5. Arizona

6. Oklahoma

7. Texas

As climate change continues to worsen, and a lack of action on the part of individuals continues, we can expect more states to be running out of water in the future.

See more details here:

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